Monday, April 16, 2012

My top 5 websites for procrastination

I have a very unhealthy relationship with stress, my first inclination is to eat something. Big, greasy, crunchy and salty. Jack and the box tacos do the trick wonderfully, my expanding waistline non-withstanding. I have learned to quickly suppress that urge and replace it almost immediately with an all consuming urge to shop. In college I was able to curb this to buying two $10 tops from Forever 21 and not breaking the bank. BUT my new Dave Ramsey lifestyle to become completely debt free has been forcing me to look again at my finances and not splurge on anything. So that is out. So now, I came back to an old friend my Xbox 360. But what about during school or work or anytime that you are not near a TV and have 5 hours to waste. What about then? Well I use the all-powerful internet to fill my time. Here are my 5 favorite sites

5. Pinterest

Obviously. This is a great time filler and a way to pretend you have a wardrobe and designer and fabulous outfits. You go into dream mode with your house and wedding. You can pretend that you are living all the fitness tips and your weight is magically falling off. You repin those witty someecards imagining that it is you who is thinking of them, and will now start using these phrases.

"Well it is true!"

This is one of my favorites too and I do all these things above too, because I can plan the perfect wedding or find work ideas, or plan my house with 40 pools, 10 kitchens, 25 master suites, and a whole slew of living rooms, organized spaces, offices and libraries. All that is within a super sleek, shabby chic, modern inspired Castle. Probably in the South of France. 

4. Cracked

Sooooo, this site is amazing. I don't know how many people have read it. But I suggest you do so immediately. As long as you, and the good friends at Cracked promise not tell about how I stole their lay out for this Blog. 

They have guest writters, reappearing ones, Magician ones, silly ones. Its a great site, full of both humor and knowledge.

3. Meme Base

Everyone loves a good meme.

This is linked to LOLcats, can I has cheezburger and many more. I love these a lot. Many funny ones in there.

I actually stopped writing this, because I got caught up in meme base.

2. Refinery29

This is a site full of how-tos, top ten lists, and just the overall success guide to fashion, career and a glamorous life in a city. They have 5 or 6 cities now, and are growing rapidly, but they have local spots to eat, and the appropriate attire, cute outfit ideas, and great gift ideas. They show you wonderful splurges and cute steals from local boutiques as well as big department stores. This is one of my favorite sites ever. 

1. Stumble upon

This site is widely popular I know. But it is the best. Get websites that are unknown, amazing pictures, even just cool ideas. You tell the site what you are looking for and it will deliver. It is awesome! I have found some pretty cool stuff from this site like the Side Walk Chalk Guy.....


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