Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend Up Date

So, I know I know it happened again, a long period of time with out blogging, I know. You have my roommates to thank for their 'willful encouragement' in reminding me to blog. I am glad I am here. I am just very tired from my weekend. Let me start from Friday.

On Friday I went out with some girls from work in Camarillo. It was really fun, but I got there early. So as I was waiting, in my car, I was approached by a man, who said he was running for congressman. Which was silly because Kevin works in DC and he is looking for a job in the House. So I ask what his affiliation is, and he tells me one way, turns out, he is not at all relevant nor is he the affiliation he said to me. Which was weird. He was walking around passing out business cards trying to get votes. Weird. So then on to dinner and drinks with some work friends. We had a great time, went bowling and sang karaoke. Which is my favorite thing in the world! I love singing (read rapping) and love making people laugh. So it was a blast! That was pretty much my whole Friday.

Saturday was really weird, like really weird. I got a super random prank call. Or at least I hope it was. It really freaked me out. But after securing that all my loved ones were indeed safe, I headed into the valley to babysit for my cousin over night. On my way there, I was waved over by a man in a red pick up truck. He was telling me to pull over, it was the middle of the day on a busy off ramp and was on the phone with Kevin, so I stopped and cracked my window and he told me that he was a mechanic and that something sounded really weird on my car and that if I needed a mechanic I should call his shop. AKA a warning as to what was to come. I got to my cousins house finally and headed in. I was staying the night there, and my Iphone doesnt get service at her house. So I got plugged into her internet and started talking via I message. I had had Text plus however on my phone from before the days of Imessage and so it went off and I was accused of stealing a girls phone and using it to talk to her brother. (like I said, weird freaking day). But babysitting was great. Learned that I love children so much, but am no where near ready to take on the responsibility, dedication and time every single day that is needed to have children. I was worn out from just that one day!

So Sunday, I finished babysitting and came over to Lesley's Grandparents house for one of their bi-monthly Sunday dinners. Les' Grandpa is Italian, like moved over here from Italy Italian, so he makes delicious food and everyone drinks wine and has a great time. It was very fun. We watched the Kings game, and the Caps game (GO CAPS)!

On Monday, I had my spouse club event, there was a little bit of last minute scrambling. but we got it all worked out and the event went great, and we had a good time as did the residents. But on my way home, I was driving it was close to 9 at night, and stopped in for my second favorite food ever, Jack in the Box Tacos, and I heard something pop off in my car. The battery light was on, my power steering wasn't working, and I knew that this was not good. I quickly pulled out of the drive through and parked. Then called my roommates to come pick me up. I learned that I am usually an unlucky person. If something bad can happen it probably will. BUT I also have come to realize that I am a fairly Lucky unlucky person. For example. My car breaks down, But I drive on the 1 everyday, during the day when my roommates are working, and when I have an event earlier in the day. But the car breaks down AFTER the event, on my way home, past all the dark fields, and less than a mile away from my house where I am not even driving. Rob and Les come and get me, I call my dad, and luckily it is an inexpensive and fairly easy fix! We bought the parts and Rob was able to fix them today.

Today, was great. I worked 2 hours from home, wrote a rap, enjoyed a nice long hike, watched/helped Rob  fix my car (which is working great now) and then went and got some great food. I really love having roommates that really will look out for me and will be there when I need them. I appreciate everything that the do and would not be able to do survive with out them. It makes me feel a little less alone knowing that they are here and will bend over backwards for me at anytime. Love you guys!

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