Thursday, April 19, 2012

Law and Order of all kinds

I do this to my self every time. I am here, alone, watching this show, every variation of it btw and then I stay and watch the marathons. I get so into it. I get so sucked into it. These wonderful cops come and save the day or don't. I don't know why I just get so sucked into it. I seriously love it.

But then as soon as I turn the tv off, as soon as that marathon is over and I am laying in bed i come to the realization that there is a murderer in my house. He has probably been there for forever. He is in my closet, or in the bathroom. Oh no wait! He must be outside! I heard those leaves. Now he is in the house again. There are probably a 100 murderers just watching me!!!! I knew it. So I turn the light on and play a video game or two. Or watch friends. and I forget about it. The murderers probably all left I tell my self. And I drift off the sleep.

The thing about that show, is that it makes you think that every time you are anywhere there are just people dying on the reg. That you are going to turn a corner and there will just be so many dead bodies. It is scary. But here I am watching the Criminal Intent Marathon on TV and am just enjoying it. Until tonight that is. bleeeeech.

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