Thursday, April 19, 2012

Moulin Rouge aaannd Phantom of the Opera

This day, ohhh this day...well to say the least, it has been annoying. And its not like really crazy, its the kind of stuff where after talking about it people are like.....thats it? But when you are in it, its like basically apocalyptic. So in my best effort to forget about my first world problems, I got my Jack in the Box tacos. Came home, whipped out a puzzle, and watched me some Phantom of the Opera. I am now on to an old time favorite, Moulin Rouge.

There is something about musicals that really just make me happy about musical. It can be the most depressing story ever and I just feel so inspired afterwards I feel so happy. There is something about watching for me that is the same as a first kiss or a beautiful summer day. Life is good afterwards.

Also a big birthday Shout out to little brother Dylan!!! Happy 19th Birthday!!!!!

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