Monday, April 2, 2012

Get published podcast

I listen to many podcasts during the week on many different subjects. Stitcher radio is the one I use, but there are many different types of ayers I'm sure. Today I listened to this American life from NPR I think it is, and one about getting published. The host is an aspiring writer himself. He has a few books coming out and stuff but as I went listening i walked away with some really helpful tips.

1. Treat every character like a hero. At first this seems odd, I mean they are called secondary and minor characters for a reason right? Do they really need all this insight and plot and backstory? They are nothing more than plot tools to keep the story moving right? Well my original thought to this is to agree. That it is unimportant to spend much time and development to each character because that is one thing you are warned against from the start f writing is to limit the number of named characters to make it easy to keep track and remain invested in the plot. But I think on the flip side it's important that in this story, in the world you have created they have their own story and their own life and experiences to bring them to the point that they are at in the story. If you look at each character realistically and treat them as a real character instead of a name or a stereotype, you will have characters that the reader can relate to and can understand. This also gives a drive and reason to the sub plots through out the book.

2. Be open to changing. This is a difficult one. If you are an author who writes because you enjoy it and you don't need the royalties that comes with it then you have more of a bargaining power. But if you are going to make a living and a lively hood off of it, you have to be willing to look at your writing objectively and not take critiques personally. Which can be hard. I have blogged about how these characters are like my children. That I have more insight into their lives than I do in my best friends or even my boyfriend's life. I know their want and fears. I know their lives. I created the adventure. It's too much to hear someone wants to improve upon your perfect work. But you have to look at it from a different perspective and see the true problems in the work and make the needed adjustment from the pros.

3. Work on many novels at once. There is nothing worse than wanting to write but being just done with your work i have been there 100000000000 times and just feeling like you have no inspiration for it. So you just walk away from your work. I feel like that is the worst thing you can do. If you are working on many stories, then you can put it away and work on something else or start something new! It's great!!!

I love writing! If there are other writers out there and you want to share work, let me know I'd love to see what you got and get comments on my stuff!

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