Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Bucket list

I want a Bucket List, I mean I HAVE a bucketlist. Things to do before I die, but I want to say here they are world hold me accountable and let me do them! So I am going to post one. Did I mention that I dont actually know what a private life is? I am not really sure why people don't want to know every detail about my life, buut obviously they should!

1. Live in another country for at least a year
2. Own my own business
3. Publish at least ONE of the books I have started.
4. See a flash mob Finished this one!!! Thank you Eric and the boys of Dead off Center!! Follow them here: Facebook or @deadoffcenter
5. Be IN a flashmob (obvious reasons as to why this would be appealing to me)
6. Go rock climbing
7. Visit every state (I think I am 13 or 14 out of 50)
8. Write, record, and publish a rap Look on FB I have one. heard people want lyrics. I can post them!
9. Do 1 gig as a stand up comedian.
10. get 1K followers on Twitter
11. Get 10K page views on my blog
12. see all of the wonders of the world
13. road trip across America
14. back pack at least 1 European country
15. become completely debt free
16. Have an entourage
17. Be VIP at a party
18. Fly first class
19. Run a marathon
20. Go on an archaeological dig

These 20 things are all I can think of, but now they are online, anyone can see them and hold me accountable,  for these things and let me know when there are these opportunities. Please let me know!

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