Friday, March 23, 2012

We didn't start the fire

So scary day at our house last night. If you never saw Lesley's post, our house caught on fire. Literally flames in the wall. It's really crazy. Luckily the mechanic was here to fix another problem, but it was still pretty scary.

The good thing is our house is fine we are all safe and our possessions are good too. But it's a scary thing to have something like this happen. Something that is so intrusive in your life. You are supposed to feel safe at home and not that I don't feel that way now but still it's frightening.

It's all good though :) life moves on and I have an exciting weekend ahead of me. I get to go watch a flash mob on Sunday. I can't tell you where though. I will be filming and taking pictures though! It will be my Sunday blog :)

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