Monday, March 26, 2012

My bucket list

Flash mob!!! I finally got to see one!! So amazing! I was super happy that I had the opportunity to do this. Kevin's little brother is in a band, dead off center (they are super good) everyone should check them out.

They did such a good job with this flash mob and everyone had a great time. The people in the restaurant are super surprised and it was such a fun song for them to do!

This has always been something that I wanted to see, there is only one more flash mob related item on my Bucket list. And that is to actually be in one. But it always feels good to do something on the list and to experience new things!

I have video but have to upload it to youtube before I can show people via this blog. This was a really fun day for me and I got to spend more time with Kevins family which was really great too :)

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