Monday, March 26, 2012

Retail bleeeeeeech

I have worked retail or even just sales my whole working career. Well before my current job that is. And it always amazes me how people treat sales people. I have gotten "you-who's" across the store, Finger snaps, or rude excuuuuuuse me's" and sometimes you get the nice customers who love talking to you and are so friendly and it's so nice.

Theeeeen you get the people Who want to tell you everything about their lives. Or the crazy ex girl friends that they may have had.

I work with my roommate from time to time to help her out when the store needs coverage. And today when I was working we had a guy come in and talk to us for one hour about crazy dates that he had been on with crazy girls. We were slow but even when the customers would come in he would stop his story and wait till we were both back to resume.

It was really annoying. So if you are shopping please be kind and respectful and nice to the workers.

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