Friday, February 25, 2011

Why 80's movies will always be the best...

E. T., Raiders of the Lost Ark, Ghostbusters, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day off, The Goonies, Revenge of the Nerds, Flashdance, The Princess Bride, Back to the Future, Top Gun, Fast Times at Ridgemont High; these movies defined a generation. If you have never seen these, you should. Right now. Turn the internet off, and watch them. These are among the greatest movies ever made. There are a plethera of reasons why they are so great, but

 I was born in 1989, which i know, this hardly counts as the 80's, though i still say that i am an 80s kid and it is a claim that I will hold on to forever. I wish I could say i grew up on these movies and they defined my generation (though we do have even stevens, fresh prince and thats cool too I guess). These movies though, they were all about the underdog taking the day and defeating the bully.

These movies full of teen angst and the underdog coming through struck a chord with the public of the 80's that refuses to die. Many of these movies I own, though all I have seen and plan to own one day so that i can inform my children of 'who they're gonna call' or why E. T. wants to phone home. But more than these famous lines there is so much more. hence:

My Top Five Reasons Why the 80's Makes the Best Movies (In Parts, so this is part one)

1. The music
All of these movies have wonderful soundtracks that we still listen to. I bet everyone reading this knows the flashdance dance where Jennifer Beals is dancing really fast and of course the scene with the water falling on her. It is still referneced almost thirty years later. What about Footloose, where Kevin Bacon dance punches out his rage and frustration in a warehouse. Top gun-Highway to the danger zone? Revenge of the nerds --I just saw a family guy episode where they played the final scene out with the music and dancing. And of course no halloween party is complete with out playing Ghostbusters at least ten times an hour. (I know there isnt much halloween music to choose from but still).

The 80's created and perfected these musical dance numbers that will continue to be referenced and parodied for as long as society finds it funny to parody and reference things, which im sure will be a long time from now because well, 80's movies are awesome.

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