Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Its the end of the world as we know it

This world is changing fast, all of the old methods and theories in many different fields are now an explainer of the past. As a communication major, the information I am learning is almost old and not relevant by the time they can get their work published. We had a speaker come into my advertising campaigns class and she was an online business owner, and it all started by blogging. (No I have no plans to turn this blog into a business, I just enjoy writing) She, two years later got a paid trip to Dubai to blog about a Ford Motor Company car show. How cool is that?! She has not spent a single dollar on advertisements in her full two years of service. All her advertising has been on social medias.

Social media advertising is the future of all marketing. The world is pulling away from the traditional methods of communicating. We are slowly pulling out of printed materials, books are electronically available, newspapers are dying out (which is a terrible monstrosity in itself, but a totally separate issue), and the old way of looking at communication is just that: old.

Universities are loving this. Especially the writers of communication textbooks. My intro to mass communication book was easily $100, it was updated in 2009 (i took the class spring 2010) and it was already outdated. Then because colleges love to take all our money; we werent allowed to sell it back because, surprise surprise, the information was old and outdated. (this is again a totally different topic which i will not digress on at this moment)

All of this to say. the future of the world is electronic. hate it, love it, doesnt matter, you need to just learn how to use it and then jump in it. 

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