Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Brynn is here!

This morning at 6 am, my aunt came into my room telling me that my cousin Dailynn was fully dilated and that it was time to get the baby out! I rushed over to her house and fed their adorable toddler and then put her to bed where i caught a much needed nap. (i now am aware why mothers have their children take naps until the child absolutely wont sleep anymore. Naps are lovely)

Two wonderfully solid hours later, and i was awake and happy. I was pondering life in general, which is something that comes easily when a new life enters this world. It is just amazing that we were all once that small, entering into this world so pure, innocent and so entirely dependent on another human being. It makes the rest of the day's issues and problems seem less important. and it makes me see my future as so much more exciting. I cant wait for my turn (dont get me wrong. That time is not anytime soon, but i am looking forward to that time in my life.)

We treasure life so much. It is almost bizare. What is it about that person sitting next to you, the one in your apartment building, the co-worker that we never talk to, what is it about them that we cherish. I believe that we would be hard pressed to find someone who would not fight for another person's life. When we are faced with life or even death, we are so much more loving and inherently good than i sometimes think we are. I know that most times we see humans as being terrible or inherently evil, but i think that everyone has good in them and that there are times when even the worst human can surprise you...

Anyways welcome to this crazy world Brynn, we love you!

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