Thursday, February 17, 2011

Angry Birds, Words with Friends, and PocketGod

Having an Iphone is both the absolute best thing and the absolute worst thing that has ever happened to me. My addiction to a phone started in high school when I was given my first Lg and a unlimited texting plan. I texted everyone all the time, i even got my mom in on the texting plan, of course she was in my phone as Karen so that my friends and crushes wouldnt know that i was best friends with my mom.

As I grew older my phones grew nicer and after high school, my mom graduated from "Karen" to "Momma Cell" and two Christmases ago I got my Iphone. It was love at first sight and my obsession grew. My first great find was Pocket God. Controlling little cave men and finding new ways to kill them or unlock achievements. It was and still is beautiful.

Next came Angry Birds. If you have an Iphone, and 99 cents to spare; buy it. It is the best game ever. Not only is it hard and frustrating, but they rate your score with stars. So, if you are like me, you spend 15 minutes trying to beat a level, and when you finally do, you see that it gave you 1/3 stars. The first time that this happened to me i was flabbergasted. I had 15000 points and a smile on my face for beating level 1 why were they taking that away from me?! This fueled a burning desire with me to show that stupid App that i could beat all the levels and get all of those glorious 3 stars. To make a short story long, this game is a fantastic thorn in my side that pushes me to beat it.

My new favorite game: Words with friends. It is free, a scrabble type game that you play with other Iphone users, and it is so fun. but I hate losing. I get so stoked for good words. I play all day now. Work at my job is hard because I have to put my phone in a locker and cant play it for the three or four hours. if you are not very good at scrabble, my name is Miss_Mallory. hit me up and we will play. If you are pretty good at scrabble.....I don't have a user name. just kidding, I would love to play anyone and everyone! Please feed into my terrible addictions =)

Or if you know of any other games that i should try out please let me know.

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