Friday, May 24, 2013

Revisited---Bucket list

A year ago last April I did a Bucket List. You can see the original post here. I have decided to relook at my list and see what I have accomplished and what I have decided to add!

1. Live in another country for at least a year
2. Own my own business --Events By Mallory!!!
3. Publish at least ONE of the books I have started.
4. See a flash mob Finished this one!!! Thank you Eric and the boys of Dead off Center!! Follow them here:Facebook or @deadoffcenter
5. Be IN a flashmob (obvious reasons as to why this would be appealing to me)
6. Go rock climbing
7. Visit every state (I think I am 13 or 14 out of 50)
8. Write, record, and publish a rap Look on FB I have one. heard people want lyrics. I can post them!
9. Do 1 gig as a stand up comedian.
10. get 1K followers on Twitter
11. Get 10K page views on my blog
12. see all of the wonders of the world, both natural and man-made
13. road trip across America
14. back pack at least 1 European country
15. become completely debt free
16. Have an entourage
17. Be VIP at a party
18. Fly first class
19. Run a marathon
20. Go on an archaeological dig
21. Sky Dive
22. Scuba Dive
23. Go to every Continent
24. Stop spending money on new clothes, and try to refashion/thrift most of my purchases from here on out.
25. Go to Italy

I haven't done too much in this past year, I did pick up and move to another country and paid off a couple thousand in debt, so that's good. I am excited to see where this year will take me!

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