Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6 Stages to Life on Pinterest

I, like so many others, am completely addicted to pinterest. As a hopeful refashioner and style enthusiast, my personal "My Style Pinboard" is full (828 pins and counting) of outfits that I would love to wear. My absolute favorite thing to do on pinterest is go to the everything section, and just pin away. But I think that there are a few trends on this site that I'd like to point out. So here are the INSERT NUMBER stages to life on pinterest.

Stage 1: Discovery

Pin all the things!
Pinterest is great. So many things to discover. You are going to learn so many things! Look at these common people who are just like me doing so many great things that will totally work!!!!
Look at what one pinner said! This is the BEST
You quickly forget all else but Pinterest. Kids? Life? Work? Whhaaaaaaaaat?? Justifying it quickly with how much you are learning! Shoot you will never have to spend money on silly stuff like clothes, food, lights or even decorating ever again!!! 

Summary of this stage? LIFE IS FANTASTIC!

2. Joy, Optimism and Inspiration

Life is great. Who knew that there were so many people doing so many things. You will never ever throw a sub par house party. Your family will eat nothing but the most adorable and nutritious home cooked meals. You will have the cutest house, and you will have the best drinks to sip in a hot day. Oh your cold? Throw on that camel fur coat you made.
Guess who is getting a new jacket!
You realize you are standing on the edge of a great sea of unlimited knowledge of wonderfulness!!

Ways to inspire others
Joy. So much wonderful Joy.

3. Being Completely Overwhelmed

Life on Pinterest is great. You see something you have to pin. How could you never have seen this before???? A lace wedding dress with an open back, no sleeves, jewels! They have a tiara with it!!! Why did you not think of that before???? now hmmm, where should you pin it? Does it belong on your "wedding dresses I would like to wear" board? Should we put it under "Lacy Dresses" maybe "vintage dresses"? As you scroll through your 185 pin boards you realize something. You have a problem. Where will you pin this, and how will you find it again? 

You begin to realize that this soul sucking wonderful site is making you overwhelmed and confused. You need to get off...but then how will you keep up?

4. Stress

This is self explanitory. You begin to realize that your birthday party is not quite as fabulous as Martha Stewarts might have to actually try out a few of these pins!

5. Trying it Out for Yourself

I mean honestly how hard can it be? The steps are in pictures and they are right there! It will totally work. I will be the life of the party!  Read it and see that you are not alone.

6. Soul Crushing Sadness

Life will never be that magical wonderful place of Pinspiration that you hoped it would. And all your extremely crafty friends who nail pinterest projects on the first try are just stupid.  

All you can hope to do at this point.

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