Monday, April 14, 2014

Getting Motivated and In Shape


As most of you know by now, I am getting married in 68 days from today! So excited!! There is still lots of little things to do, but the planning is coming along so well. The hardest thing, for me, is eating healthily for an extended period of time. I have been working out in the mornings before work for a month and a half now. I am definitely beginning to see some results, but I wasn't feeling better. I was still sleepy, sluggish and just overall unchanged.

I have decided to kick up my healthy lifestyle reform and add a change of diet into it too. My parents tried the Dr. Oz 2 Week Cleanse, and have had great success with that. It is restrictive, but there are so many foods that you are able to eat as much as you want of. I was hesitant at first, I mean I really love bread, but I wanted to see better results. 

I wanted to do something that was sustainable, but that would help and be effective. I have loved the transformation so far. I have just started my 3rd week of it and have lost 4 pounds total. I am pairing it with morning workouts. I do a hybrid of P90X work outs (their cardio based work outs like Plyometrics, Cardio X, Kickboxing, YogaX and their Ab ripper X) and I have combined it with Chalean extreme's work outs. 

The weird thing is, that I have really come to love my morning work outs. It has turned from a chore to something I am beginning to cherish. Though I should totally rephrase that. I don't think I love the work out, though I am finding I love Wednesday's Fat blaster Chalean video. It is more that that has become me time. I am reading books, answering emails, writing, or reading many of the blogs I follow in those early hours. I feel set up and productive for my day. 

I also am noticing on days when I can sleep in before work, I feel rushed, and not quite in the zone. The mornings I spend with my work out then lounging are becoming part of my routine and I am really coming to love that. 

So at the end of week 2 I am feeling good, the diet is sustainable. I am feeling full and happy. There are a few things I am missing though. Chips, bread, cheese and coffee. I basically used to live on those (though I wondered why I wasn't losing weight as fast as I wanted!). After the wedding I am thinking that I will be able to slowly bring those back in. Maybe try to go gluten free and see if I can keep the weight off and still get a few carbs in! But in the meantime, I am looking for some great alternatives to chips and other goodies!

I am so excited about my ever changing body, and am working hard to get stronger and healthier!

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