Monday, February 24, 2014

Our Farm Fresh Breakfast

I know that farm fresh is such a popular trend right now, but I am so happy Kevin and I have made that switch. Not only do we love knowing where our food came from, but that we are also able to support local businesses and farmers. This weekend we stopped by our local year round farmers market and got some groceries. We got our fresh eggs, cheese, bread and some cuts of beef! We are not at a place to supplement our whole diet with farm foods, but we are so happy with our start. The one downside I can forsee is just the cost, it is definitely something that we will have to budget for, but as for now, I think it is worth it. I am so curious though about other people's locally sourced goods. What do other people like to get and where can I get it around me? 

I decided to cook a huge breakfast with our locally sourced ingredients! Eggs, toast, grapefruits, orange juice, cheese and avacado!

Here is our feast! Kevin drinks his coffee black.

I love these Target cloth napkins, they make me so happy!

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