Friday, April 18, 2014

Mal and Kev's Excellent Adventure

The alternate title to this blog could be "Ode to Roadtrippers" because let me tell you, that site is absolutely amazing!

Kevin and I were feeling bored and were aching for an adventure, but had no clue where to start! And really, where do you go to start an adventure? Well, I had subscribed to this awesome site called but hadn't actually used it yet. They send you fun locations around the world that are unique and a little off beat. It was perfect for me and Kev. So, when we had an open Saturday with no real plans, (when has that ever happened?!) we decided to take advantage of it and explore Northern Virginia.

I decided to search for a destination a few hours away, and then build a road trip down there. We found a fabulous location about 3 hours away, and then added 8 stops in-between. We got up, packed our healthy snacks and salads.

The first leg of our journey was about an hour a half. We had a beautiful journey through the Virginia country side. We saw more farmer's markets and veggie stands than I had seen in a long time! It was so cool. Our first stop was a giant roller skate and we continued on down to a winery, saw a large chicken, a nutcracker, ciderey, and brewery. We had to skip a few stops so that we could make it to Foamhenge in time.

If you are interested in doing our trip for yourself check it out below!

4/12/14 | My new trip on!

This was just on the side of the road! We had to do some creative jimmy-rigging to get this picture!

We are super sophisticated wine tasters, obviously. 
Here is the Rooster at the diner called Lumpkins. We were totally gonna stop and eat here, but it was closed. boo!
I am not sure what Virginia's obsession with giant things is, but I love it!

This Hard Ciderey had free tastings and a great refreshing beverage!

We did a beer sampler! So good!
Kevin loves his beers!

After we left, we realized we had to rush to get to our destination!

Pretty sure this is the best place ever*

*Side note: The whole time I was secretly hoping that Kevin and I would get sucked into the past like in Outlander. (Sorry annoyed friends who read this I couldn't help myself)
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