Friday, August 1, 2014

Fall 2014

I cannot believe that it is already August! Life has flown by, as it always tends to do, but things are really starting to get back on track.

If you didn't know, I did get married in June. It was a beautiful day, and it went perfectly, better than I could have imagined. You can go over to my planning blog to see some pictures!

With August rolling in it means it is time to start thinking of fall, and back to school. Not that I am going back to school, or that I have any children to get ready, but I think that fall is time to start fresh. It seems like a new year to me. Like the perfect time to put any plans into action.

Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons, you have beautiful weather, get to wear over-sized sweaters and boots. It's a great time to pick fresh fruits and veggies, to stroll outdoor markets and to sip warm lattes. I love it.

This fall is no different. I have quite a few goals that I want to achieve this fall and there are even more things that I am looking forward to!

Fall Wardrobe:
I have been looking at the new trends for this fall, and I have to say, I am SO excited! Long jackets, layers, jeans, everything this season looks so comfy.

I cannot decide if I want to keep my hair long, which I do love, but I have spent the past 2 years growing it out. Or if I should get a new do for fall. I am just torn. I also am so excited for the fashion trends!! Want more? You can always follow my pinterest board here!

Between Labor-day, my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving there is so much to do and see! I hope to spend some time going on trips, (Can you say new England for my Birthday?) I am so excited! I have already started building it on Roadtrippers (check it here!)

Mallory's Birthday Weekend | My new trip on!

I also have plans to have host a pumpkin carving party, but first I need to get my house in order. Which brings me to my next thing.

I would really like to start cooking more. I need to get into the habit of cooking every night and buying some good healthy ingredients. I'd like to start channeling my inner Nancy.

I also would like to have the 2nd and widely expanded draft of my novel complete. That way when I participate in Nanowrimo in November, I can start book 2.

I also would like to work on styling my house. I need a few key pieces of furniture, but balancing that with paying off our debt is tough. I would like to find some sort of hutch or bakers rack that is not going to break the bank!

What are you excited about for fall?

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