Friday, January 18, 2013

Why Mindy Kaling is my role model

Seriously, my role model. Before you judge me, or dismiss this idea hear me out.

Its no secret that there have been a lacking of beautiful strong women in the media. Most of them are jokes (Kim Kardashian I am looking at you) or they down play one side to be taken seriously (Read Tina Fey and Amy Pohler) Both of those women are beautiful! They are hilarious brilliant and gorgeous, but they both down play their looks for humor. (and both are super skinny!)

Here is what I love about Mindy:
1.She is hilarious, not in the oh yeah she is alright, but the sides aching hilarious. Did you know that she not only acted in the American version of "The Office" But she was a writer from basically the beginning. She wrote the episode where Michael Scott burns his foot on the George Foreman Grill.

Seriously. Comedic gold.

She wrote countless hilarious episodes, and now she has her own show the Mindy Project. It is so funny! She acts and writes for it. Its great! Watch a few episodes before you pass any judgement however, because, like The Office, it is one where knowing the characters makes it that much funnier. 

2. She is not crass. Here's the thing. I love Chelsea Chandler. She is snarky and witty and just overall hilarious. But she has a potty mouth. And many female comedians do. I can easily name 10 funny male comedians that don't swear and are generally safe for the family. Female? Not many, and certainly not many funny ones. Tina and Amy come to mind. but many other female "comedians" get their laughs from making sex jokes. And call me sexist, but I don't think its funny. Dane Cook, stomping around on stage talking about awkward sex stuff is alright, I giggle a bit, but for some reason when a woman does it, I get uncomfortable. Mindy acts like a lady, she is poised and she is funny. Which I will say, Tina and Amy do as well.

3.She is beautiful! Mindy is real life beautiful. not size 0, long blonde hair, 6 ft tall beautiful, but an attainable beauty. She is someone that girls can actually aspire to be like. She is a wonderful dresser, has great hair, but she is admittedly awkward, and doesn't expect herself to be ultra Hollywood skinny. Which I love. She is not afraid to look her best, knowing that her looks won't take away from her humor. This is where she is different from Amy and Tina. They are hilarious, I would go pretty far to say that they are geniuses but they often portray themselves in roles that downplay their attractiveness. That is fine, but they are real women, who have made great achievements professionally, why can't they be the full package?

I really hope that more women step up like Mindy, and that real girls can be portrayed on the tv. Here is the problem, tv is a reflection of societies ideas and wants. Society is not a reflection of tv. Meaning this, if we are tired of seeing unrealistic portrayals of women, we have to start pursuing shows with the realistic women we love. If people stop watching a show, it goes off air. Popular shows get reproduced (makes sense why there are so many Law and Order spin offs) 


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