Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 3rd 2013

I can honestly not believe that it is 2013. I have been in VA for 6 months (seriously?!) I feel like I just moved about a week ago!

People always ask me how I like it here I used to give out joyful exclamations of love for this swampy, wet place. But I quickly have changed my attitude to give more realistic ones. --don't get me wrong I do love being here, but there is a huge part of me that is not quite yet ready to commit to this place.

I absolutely love being with Kevin here. That is definitely the best part about DC. I love being in the same State as him, and able to see him when ever I want. That is something that I treasure so much, and I was able to see what life was like with out him for a long time. (Ok long might be a bit of a hyperbole it was only about a year, and I was lucky enough to see him about every 6 weeks but still it felt LONG) I think I was lucky to have this experience though because now when we are together all the time, 3 years later, we are still able to explore and find things to do, and go on adventures together because we haven't always been able to do that.

Secondly, I LOVE the type of people that I am meeting. There are so many young (23-35) professionals in the area, everyone has some really sweet jobs and most people are really open to talking to you, and listening to what you do and thinking how we can help each other. Its a really great time. Also there are a lot of entrepreneurial folks out here that give lots of encouragement to people like me and Kevin who are just starting businesses.

Thirdly I am so in love with the East Coast. There is something magical about knowing so many life changing things happened in the place you're standing. One thing that I love about moving is that you get to be a tourist! The hard thing is, people who are local don't really take advantage of all that their city offers because the magic is gone, in that they grew up there it can be a "big Whoop" moment. It has been so fun being here with Kevin and really exploring the city! We have found so many hidden gems all over this city, its incredible, and really makes me think what secrets Snohomish, Monroe and Seattle are hiding!

Also my cats. This is how they sleep. Can you see the desperation in Hayden's eyes? 
However, all this to be said, I am not sold here forever. Thankfully, Kevin isn't either. Its too cold! I don't like snow, and just want to wear dresses all day. Also, its too hot in the summer! Maybe not too hot, just too much humidity. Its gross. But I suppose I cannot compare every place I live to the perfection of So Cal. (but really I can). I miss my friends spread all over the coast, and I miss my family as equally spread. I miss all the babies my cousins have, and I miss being part of their lives.

So whats next and when is this next taking place? I wish I knew! All I know, is that I am excited to be on this adventure with my best friend.

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