Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Well, It has been a long time since i have written anything. My life has been crazy! I have been working on this internship, my classes, my two other jobs then, of course, managing a very healthy social life. It is exhausting, but someone has to do it. Today though, I end a mini journey that has been nothing less than an adventure. I have meet a few famous people, learned a lot about script writing and how the whole process works, I have learned how to fake working while spending 99% of my time on facebook, collegehumor, youtube,, and obviously stumbling. haha

It was so hard to sit for 8 hours a day and just read a script then write coverage on it. It was hard for me not because I dont like reading, or because I don't enjoy writing (im a half hearted blogger, i obviously enjoy it). I just cant sit and do the same thing for 8 hours with no real break and not even be getting paid for it. Sure i get school credit, but anyone who knows my school ethics will know that credit doesnt really mean much to me as far as motivation goes.

So as i sit and waste the last 3 hours and 30 minutes (thank you God) of this Journey, i hope to reminisce and day dream about what i will be doing with my spare time. In my mind I plan on doing the far fetched: taking a pilates or yoga class, getting into Pottery or Painting, buying a sewing kit and making myself a new wardrobe. probably buy a puppy named fernando and then study german. I could go on and on, the most far fetched would be inheriting a gold/diamond mine (I'm not really picky) and then traveling. But as my mind runs wild and my eyes start to droop i realize what i really want most is to sleep. I probably will spend my first month off sitting in my bed all day i may even get out on a really nice day and head all the way downstairs to plop my butt down on a pool chair and work on that tan. By the time that I am ready to stop lazing and start actually doing something it will be May 13th and then I will graduate and need to start working full time.

I can pretend that that wont happen, and maybe i can pledge to do at least one productive thing each day...but that probably will fail too......ugh least I graduate soon.

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